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We have been making episodes since May 2021 when we launched with our first three episodes on Rumpelstiltskin, the Little Mermaid and 1001 nights!

Since then, we have covered stories from all over the world! Take a look at some of our locations!

Listen to the podcast below:

To find our entire episode list, please click here.

Aicha: The Demon Slayer Tales From The Enchanted Forest

The Northern African tale of Aicha, the demon slayer, comes from modern-day Algeria and Morocco. Aicha is brave, beautiful, smart, capable and sometimes magical- literally. She rejects a lazy prince, tricks a cannibal and is cursed to wander the earth restlessly. Will she break her curse? Come find out more about this fascinating heroine to close off Women's History Month!  Enjoying the Podcast? We want to hear from you! Leave us a review on Podchaser or follow us on Goodpods and tell us what story you would like us to cover next! Show notes can be found on our website at: http://www.talesfromtheenchantedforest.com  You can also find us on: Twitter @FromEnchanted Mastodon Instagram   TikTok
  1. Aicha: The Demon Slayer
  2. Dancing with the Devil: Billy Duffy and the Devil
  3. Siya and Maadi: Betrothed and Beheaded
  4. Daughter Of The Sword
  5. Spiteful Stories: Korean Folktale
  6. Sparrow Shorts: The Cottager and His Cat
  7. Holly King and the Oak King
  8. Why the Sea Is Salt: A Norse Holiday Story
  9. Chang’e and Hou Yi: To The Moon And Back
  10. The Mermaid Wife & Other Selkie Stories

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