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Welcome to Footnotes with Fox! As we curate our stories, we find adaptations and retellings in modern literature and media so this space is dedicated to sharing these stories and their links to the past. Storytelling does not happen in isolation but with lots of influence and we can’t wait to share what we are reading with you! Join us every week for a new story and deep dive! To see the blog posts on our episodes, click here.

  • LGBTQ+ Retellings
    June is Pride Month, and as we all gear up to celebrate ourselves and our loved ones, it’s also time to celebrate the strides we have taken in the literary world of retellings! From all corners of the world, we have seen a rise in the representation of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ protagonists! While the days of sassy “token” characters are not over, we still have a lot to celebrate. The current rise of fairy tale retellings has taken us by storm, and I have endeavoured to read and review some of… Read More »LGBTQ+ Retellings
  • Six Crimson Cranes
    Six Crimson Cranes is book one of Elizabeth Lim’s duology. Princess Shiori of Kiata is the youngest sister of six brothers. As their last summer together approaches before adulthood, Shiori discovers a part of herself that she had inadvertently locked away. She conceals her forbidden powers, but when she uncovers a greater secret, she is confronted by her stepmother, the Empress Consort Raikama.  Raikama banishes the princess and turns her brothers into six cranes with crimson crowns. With a bowl fused to her head and a warning that every word she… Read More »Six Crimson Cranes


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