Fox & Sparrow started off as many podcasts do – a passion project made in our various basements and spare rooms with staticky mics, overeager historical tangents, and awkwardness as we navigated recorded conversation. While you are welcome to start listening at any point, the production value of our earlier episodes is noticeably different and we have launched our new 2022 episodes with a cleaner process! Our podcast is an indie project with zero outsourcing as we are committed to taking on everything! What is a “fun” hobby without learning how to do everything from scratch? 

When did the Podcast start?

May 2021 was when our first three episodes were published but we started work on the podcast the December prior! There is a secret ‘first’ episode that we recorded, edited, and ultimately scrapped for being 2 hours long! 

Who does all the background work on the podcast?

Our podcast is an indie project, meaning we run and do everything ourselves! From scriptwriting, research, recording, editing, making cover art, and releasing the episodes to the background stuff like running our social media, website, blog, etc! If it’s linked to our podcast, we run it!

Do you ever have guests on the podcast?

We always welcome collaborations, interviews, general chit-chat, and lots more! If there is a folklore/fantasy/fairy-tale topic you are interested in, please don’t hesitate! To reach out for more information, contact us:

Who did the music for the podcast?

The intro and transition music was done by the wonderful Jonathan Ng!

Who did the logo art for the podcast?

The original logo art was by Irene Jafri. Our latest logo is by Melody. Click below to see her work:
Twitter: Mello | @UgoatP

What episodes do you recommend?

Check out our highly recommended episodes here!

To see more personal content and hear from us frequently, be sure to follow us on Twitter! We spend a lot of time on themed hashtags such as:

  • Mythology Monday
  • Fairytale Friday
  • Wyrd Wednesday
  • BookChatWeekly
  • FaustianFriday
  • SuperstitionSaturday
  • Swamp Sunday

We are also part of the Folklore Network which seeks to make folklore accessible to all!

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