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Image shows the two editions of Elizabeth Lim's YA novel: Six Crimson Cranes. The text alongside the image is a quote from within the book: "“Food feeds the belly, thoughts feed the mind, but love is what feeds the heart.”

Six Crimson Cranes is book one of Elizabeth Lim’s duology. Princess Shiori of Kiata is the youngest sister of six brothers. As their last summer together approaches before adulthood, Shiori discovers a part of herself that she had inadvertently locked away. She conceals her forbidden powers, but when she uncovers… Read More »Six Crimson Cranes

Six Crimson Cranes

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Previously on Tales from the Enchanted Forest we covered the first part of ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon:’ Our hero, dubbed by us as Thordotter, goes on a quest to save her Prince by doing laundry after tricking a troll-princess with shiny, sparkly things! We aren’t… Read More »West of the Moon: Part Two

West of the Moon: Part Two

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A tale full of hidden marriages, female-led quests, great big bears, troll courts, golden apples, and banana’s for scale! Read more on this thrilling tale and our show notes!

East of the Sun: Part One

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