Welcome travellers

Ever wondered what the property value of Baba Yaga’s house is? Or the Executioner’s salary in 1001 nights? Is Ursula the real hero in the Little Mermaid?

Join Fox and Sparrow as they journey out of the Enchanted Forest to share Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends.

Aicha: The Demon Slayer Tales From The Enchanted Forest

  1. Aicha: The Demon Slayer
  2. Dancing with the Devil: Billy Duffy and the Devil
  3. Siya and Maadi: Betrothed and Beheaded
  4. Daughter Of The Sword
  5. Spiteful Stories: Korean Folktale
  6. Sparrow Shorts: The Cottager and His Cat
  7. Holly King and the Oak King
  8. Why the Sea Is Salt: A Norse Holiday Story

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