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Welcome, dear travellers, to the start of a new journey! We are your storytellers, Fox & Sparrow, and we started this podcast to bring you stories and tales from the Enchanted Forest. We look at the original sources of your favourite tales and include commentary as we read based on tropes, themes, cultural relevance and everything else you would need to understand these stories in context.

Our Recommendations

Hymn to Persephone: Guest Starring Jessica Caravaggio

Hades and Persephone have one of the most well-known myths, but did you know the whole debacle might be Aphrodite and Eros’ fault? In this episode, we delve deep into the origins of the myth with the Homeric Hymns and Ovid’s poetry to examine the way they treat Demeter’s smothering, Hades’ villainization and Persephone’s agency. Joining us for this episode is Queen’s University doctoral candidate, Jessica Caravaggio.
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Trolls V Goats

Trespassing, property rights, destruction of property and assault are just some of the things the Billy Goats Gruff can be charged with! Norwegians love their Trolls and we love talking about them so come talk about Hilda, trolls in the dungeons and three very fat Billy goats. 
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Filipino Animal Tales

Disappear from the cold winter with us in the cozy Filipino forests! We have three bite-sized stories to help warm you up! Enjoy the Hawk and the Hen, The Battle of the Crabs, and the Spider and the Fly. 
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