• Luck o’ the Leprechaun

    Luck o’ the Leprechaun

    Learn more about Joseph Jacobs’ “Field of Boliuans” and Irish folktales with this fun story of Leprechaun trickery! Fantastic finds on Irish mythology, stereotypes, superstitions, beer, and magical creatures! Read more

  • Six Crimson Cranes

    Six Crimson Cranes

    Six Crimson Cranes is book one of Elizabeth Lim’s duology. Princess Shiori of Kiata is the youngest sister of six brothers. As their last summer together approaches before adulthood, Shiori discovers a part of herself that she had inadvertently locked away. She conceals her forbidden powers, but when she uncovers a greater secret, she is… Read more

  • West of the Moon: Part Two

    West of the Moon: Part Two

    Previously on Tales from the Enchanted Forest we covered the first part of ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon:’ Our hero, dubbed by us as Thordotter, goes on a quest to save her Prince by doing laundry after tricking a troll-princess with shiny, sparkly things! We aren’t even quite sure if we… Read more

  • East of the Sun: Part One

    East of the Sun: Part One

    A tale full of hidden marriages, female-led quests, great big bears, troll courts, golden apples, and banana’s for scale! Read more on this thrilling tale and our show notes! Read more

  • Welcome To the Enchanted Website

    Welcome To the Enchanted Website

    Welcome to the Enchanted Forest! Fox and I are so thrilled that you found us! We have been aimlessly creating content on our podcast and social media for too long and we finally found a place to call our own! This is our very first post on our new website! Thanks for the welcome. So… Read more

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